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Regulatory, mandatory recurrent training fails to deliver the expected outcome.
Employees not learning new content put
at risks the company, and potentially
their colleagues and customers.

Suitable for engagement, bad for learning, poor overall retention.
Highly ineffective long term.
Provides no relevant or actionable data (Business Intelligence).

Employees quickly forget what they learn in courses and quizzes as the LMS does not individualise nor reinforce training.

Almost 90% of Training is forgotten within a week, not delivering the expected results.
Proceses deteriorate overtime.
Employees spend 11% more time learning than is ideal for performing at their best (Gartner).
Revenue is seriously impacted without the company’s awareness.
Scheduled Recurrent Training Content Based Training Generic Content ·
Poor ROI ·

Employees’ productive time is saved, allowing them to performat their best.
improving initial and extended learnability

Individualised questions to ensure employees gain the specific knowledge they're lacking.
Extremely effective short and long term.
Identifies individual and collective knowledge gapsenabling it to predict future behavior.

Proactively provides every employee with feedback on their performance.
Enables employees to act on that feedback to improvetheir knowledge and not forget it.

80% memory retention, highly effective.
Continuously improves processes.
Highly efficient.
Maximises Revenue while providing relevant and actionable data.

Continuous Adaptive Microlearning Question-Based Training Individualised Content Boost ROI ·
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